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Affordable Housing Trust + CPA Conference 2022

MHP has developed four virtual lunch-hour trainings to support local affordable housing efforts. Trainings are geared toward those involved with affordable housing trust funds and community preservation committees.

Session 4 – MARCH 30

Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund 101

Are you a new trustee? Interested in a refresher course? Or maybe your community is considering establishing an affordable housing trust fund? This session will give an overview of the municipal affordable housing trust fund statute, tips for setting up a new trust and getting started, plus ideas of projects and programs a trust can support.

Presented by Shelly Goehring, Senior Program Manager, MHP

Access to slides from Shelly's presentation.

Session 3 – MARCH 23

Bonding CPA funds to support affordable housing

Bonding against future CPA revenue is a powerful tool that can support the preservation and creation of affordable housing. Learn the key parameters for using CPA resources for bonding, as well as the experiences of one Massachusetts community.

Presented by Stuart Saginor, Community Preservation Coalition, Charlie Adams, Pennrose and Scott Walker, Treasurer and Collector, Town of Orleans

Access to slides from Scott Walker’s presentation, Charlie Adams' presentation, and a bonding webinar from the Community Preservation Coalition.

Session 2 - MARCH 16

Building your housing infrastructure: Helping multiple housing entities work collaboratively

Many communities have multiple entities working on affordable housing. For some communities, adding an affordable housing trust fund may cause crowding concerns. This session’s presenters offered suggestions to build strong board collaboration by looking at local examples.

Presented by Elaine McIlroy, Wellfleet Housing Authority, Harry Terkanian, Wellfleet Affordable Housing Trust, and Keith Bergman of the Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust

Access slides from Elaine McIlroy’s presentation, Harry Terkanian’s presentation, and Keith Bergman’s presentation.

Session 1 - MARCH 9

Lotteries, marketing and monitoring: The ins and outs of supporting local affordable housing development

Behind the prominent brick and mortar development of affordable housing, there are steps we take to promote fairness and assure program compliance. This session provides an introduction to affordable housing lotteries, marketing and monitoring to support local boards funding affordable housing.

Presented by Liz Rust, Regional Housing Services Office and Alisa Gardner-Todreas, Metro West Collaborative Development

Access slides from Liz Rust's presentation and Alisa Gardner-Todreas' presentation. Metro West's Sample Self-Certification Letter is available here.