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MHP's 2022 MBTA Community Webinar Series

MHP’s MBTA Community Webinar series, titled “More Than Compliance: Multifamily Districts That Work in Your Community” focuses on MBTA zoning and how communities can design districts that meet their unique needs. The virtual interactive webinars will address subjects that communities should consider when planning multifamily districts and will feature experts on topics ranging from infrastructure basics to community engagement and messaging strategies. Time will be allotted for questions at the end of each session. 

More information on MHP's MBTA Zoning Technical Assistance can be found here.

The series is part of MHP’s Complete Neighborhoods Initiative, which supports the state's efforts to build more multifamily housing near transit, downtowns, jobs and services. Additional resources and trainings for MBTA communities will be rolled out regularly throughout the law's two-year compliance period. 

Session 1: The Case for Complete Neighborhoods (9/21/2022)

Christine Madore (Senior Development Manager, MHP) kicked off the webinar series with a presentation discussing how Complete Neighborhoods help provide tangible benefits that address climate change, wealth, health, equity, and community. Madore then facilitated a panel discussion with Alyssa Larose (Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority), Patricia Zaido (Salem for All Ages), Jonathan Berk (Patronicity), and Liz Murphy and Tom Skwierawski (City of Fitchburg).

The recording of the session can be found here.

Session 2: Water and Wastewater Basics for MBTA Communities (9/28/2022)

Joseph Peznola (Director of Engineering & Regional Office Manager, Hancock Associates) joined us to discuss the topical intersection of water and wastewater treatment with the multi-family zoning requirements for MBTA communities.

The recording of the session can be found here.