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Affordable Housing Trust + CPA Conference 2020

Due to COVID-19, we restructured our March 2020 Affordable Housing Trust + CPA conference into four lunch-hour trainings on Zoom.

Part 1 — Overview of Affordable Housing Trusts & Working with CPCs

Could you use a refresher on what an affordable housing trust is and how it can support your community's affordable housing goals? Are you wondering how a housing trust and a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) work together? We will cover these questions, along with tips on getting your new trust up and running.

Access slides from presentation here.

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Presented by Shelly Goehring, Senior Program Manager, MHP.

Part 2 — Affordable Housing Nuts & Bolts

How is affordable housing financed? What do lenders require of developers? How does the number of units and number of bedrooms impact how much a developer can borrow? We will take a general look at how we create a development program for a site given the available funding sources and basic lending requirements for housing development.

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Presented by Anne Lewis, Director of Capital and Program Development, MHP.

Part 3 — What does a development pro forma look like?

Housing developers face pressure from multiple fronts when seeking to develop affordable housing – lenders, the state and the community, to name a few. How does a developer balance these competing interests and what are the implications of local demands on housing development?

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Presented by Kristin Carlson, Director of Real Estate, Harborlight Community Partners.

Part 4 — How can communities support affordable housing development?

Learn how Brewster and Salem are supporting affordable housing.

Access the slides here from this presentation for Brewster and Salem.

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Presented by Donna Kalinick (Assistant Town Administrator) and Jill Scalise (Housing Coordinator) of Brewster, and Amanda Chiancola (Senior Planner) of Salem.