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Looking for a specific report, sample RFP and other documents that explain the affordable housing process? The Housing Toolbox resource section has all the materials that appear on this site.

May 2022 Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing (AFHM) and lottery training materials

May 09, 2022

Resources from the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing (AFHM) and lottery training that was held virtually on May 4, 2022. Provides an overview of the key components of putting together an Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan, Fair Housing considerations for marketing plans and lotteries, rental and homeownership lottery walk throughs, and post-lottery responsibilities.

Attendees of the training were eligible to receive a certification of attendance. This certification, combined with Certified Occupancy Specialist Accreditation or other income determination training, will meet the qualifications of most organizations to conduct affordable homeownership and rental lotteries and lease-ups.

Statewide CPA and trust map

March 25, 2021

The map shows which communities adopted an affordable housing trust, which communities adopted the community preservation act, and what surcharge the CPA communities use. MHP updates the map annually. Click the link below to view the map. 

Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program Survey Report

July 06, 2020

Editor's note: This report was released in June 2020 following a survey conducted in May 2020. For an update list of communities, please see the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program Database.

A joint effort of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), and Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP), this survey is intended to assist state, regional, and local governments and non-profit agencies better coordinate local ERA programs being developed in response to the COVID-19 health emergency. 

The survey responses reflect data from May 2020 and users should note that these programs continue to evolve with the crisis. There are two documents:

  • report that summarizes the survey results and provides context to the purpose of the survey.
  • The survey response database in Microsoft Excel format so users can sort through communities. 

Comprehensive Q&A on how to use local funds for rental assistance

May 14, 2020

Following up on many questions raised during the April 22 webinar before 500 participants, MHP Senior Program Manager Shelly Goehring has compiled a comprehensive Q&A on how to use local funds to run an effective, short-term emergency rental assistance program.

The Q&A is the latest effort by MHP to respond to the many communities who have asked about using local funds for emergency rental assistance to help residents impacted by COVID-19. As soon as Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency, communities began asking MHP’s community assistance team about how to use local funds for emergency rental assistance (ERA). 

Working with the Community Preservation Coalition and Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association, Goehring published guidelines and then organized a virtual webinar on April 22. The webinar provided an opportunity for local leaders to hear panelists and ask questions about how to help residents impacted by COVID-19.

Time did not permit webinar panelists to answer all questions so Goehring has compiled a comprehensive Q&A that addresses many issues involved in using local funds to run effective short-term, emergency rental assistance programs.

The Q&A released today complements other ERA resources created by MHP during the COVID-19 state of emergency:

For more information, email Goehring at

Emergency Rental Assistance Program Guidance and Checklist

April 01, 2020

As a follow up to the March 24, 2020 release of suggestions on using CPA funds for emergency rental assistance, MHP has completed additional guidance for communities and organizations on developing emergency rental assistance programs. This includes a comprehensive guide and checklist for municipal officials. 

All additional questions regarding using CPA funds for emergency rental assistance should be directed to MHP's Shelly Goehring at