Looking for a specific report, sample RFP and other documents that explain the affordable housing process? The Housing Toolbox resource section has all the materials that appear on this site.

Local Action Units (LAUs) Guide

November 28, 2018

MHP created this guide in 2018. Local Action Units (LAUs) are affordable housing units created as a result of an intentional action taken by a community, without a comprehensive permit, and which meet the requirements for inclusion on the Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI). The goals of this document are: 1) to describe methods that communities are using to create LAUs; 2) provide technical guidance on how communities can ensure that all LAUs are affordable and will be eligible for inclusion on the SHI, and 3) outline requirements and best practices for ongoing compliance monitoring.

Receivership Guidebook

December 26, 2017

Written in partnership with the state Attorney General’s Office, this publication explains how communities can use receivership to stabilize properties and neighborhoods.

Community Preservation Act (CPA) guidebook

December 26, 2017

An updated version of the "CPA and Affordable Housing" guidebook with eligible uses based on the 2012 amendments to the original legislation. This guidebook is intended to be a comprehensive resource for CPC members and other involved citizens.