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Session 3

Zoning and Displacement

This week looked at (1) how zoning works in Massachusetts, (2) how zoning has been used to perpetuate exclusive communities historically and today, and (3) emerging legislation to address the affordability, production, and equity in the state.  


Zoning 101 Handout

Mapping Inequality Website (University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab)


Introduction and Data - Presented by Callie Clark, Co-Director of Center for Housing Data, MHP.  For more information, please contact Callie at  

Planning for Affordability Through Zoning - Presented by Susan Connelly, Director of Community Assistance and Strategic Partnerships, MHP. For more information, please contact Susan at

Exclusionary Zoning Through the Lens of Fair Housing - Presented by Shelly Goehring, Senior Program Manager, MHP. For more information, please contact Shelly at

Emerging Housing Legislation - Presented by Eric Shupin, Director of Public Policy, CHAPA. For more information, please contact Eric at

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