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Session 2

Public Housing and Challenges

After looking at housing production in the state via Chapter 40B last week, the second session of the July 2019 Legislative Briefings  focuses on the state of public housing in Massachusetts. The presentations look at (1) Revisiting housing production data with a focus on the lack of options for extremely low income (ELI) households, (2) What is public housing, state vs. federal public housing, who does it serve, and efforts to improve the system, and (3) Public housing and rental assistance resources.


CHAMP Website (Common Housing Application for Massachusetts Public-Housing)

HUD User Website to search AMI (Area Median Income) in your area

List of LHA (Local Housing Authorities) in Massachusetts

MassAccess Housing Registry

National Low Income Housing Coalition "Out of Reach Report"

Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2019 

Presentations from 7/24/2019 at the State House:

1. Public Housing and Production Data - Presented by Callie Clark, Co-Director of Center for Housing Data, MHP. For more information, please contact Callie at  

2. What is Public State/Federal Housing - Presented by Susan Connelly, Director of Community Assistance and Strategic Partnerships, MHP. For more information please contact Susan at

3. Public Housing and Rental Assistance Resources - Presented by Eric Shupin, Director of Public Policy, CHAPA. For more information please contact Eric at

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