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Session 1

The State of Housing, Chapter 40B, and Production

The first session of the July 2019 Legislative Briefings looks at the state's affordable housing law, Chapter 40B. The presentations address (1) how the project eligibility process works, (2) the history, evolution, and impact of Ch. 40B in producing multi-family units throughout the state, and (3) the limitations of the law and other tools for producing more affordable and multi-family housing.


Affordable Housing Glossary

40B Statute

40B Guidelines

40B Design Guidelines

40B Handbook for ZBA's

40B Technical Assistance Program Guidelines

40B Fact Sheet

Boston University's Research: Neighborhood Defenders

Presentations from 7/17/2019 Session at the State House:

1. Introduction and Housing Data - Presented by Callie Clark, Co-Director of Center for Housing Data, MHP. For more information, please contact Callie at  

2. Chapter 40B History and Impact - Presented by Eric Shupin, Director of Public Policy, CHAPA. For more information, please contact Eric at

3. Chapter 40B Project Eligibility Process - Presented by Katy Lacy, Senior Project Manager, MHP. For more information, please contact Katy at

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